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Student File

On this page you will find the list of documents that students will require throughout the academic year. 

Compiling a Student File

Throughout the academic year, some documents will be requested from students. They must be submitted to the Secretariat by the required deadlines.

  • Personal Data Sheet (no later than the 15th October)
    This document enables students to communicate their contact details to IRSTL Secretariat at the beginning of the year. Students are also asked to communicate any changes in their contact details throughout the year.
    The personal data sheet contains all the student’s contact information, except for a personal email address. The official email address will be the one given to the student upon their registration (

  • Compulsory Subjects (no later than 15th October)
    The compulsory subjects consist of a series of lessons where the student must choose 15 ECTS credits. 
    In order to organise timetables for the first and second semesters, students are asked to communicate their choices using the ad-hoc form. 
    If the number of students registered for a course is not enough, the course may not take place.

  • Language Choices Form (no later than 15th October)
    This document is intended only for students registered on the course "Multilingual Negotiation" and allows language choices (major and possibly minor) to be recorded. 

  • Reduced Workload Agreement (no later than 31st October)
    Students are encouraged to read the chapter on "Reduced Workloads" in the Study Regulations (in French; English version available soon).

  • Registration for the January Examination Session - first session (no later than 10th December)
    Registration for the January exams is done via the ad-hoc document (see below).
    Students will be asked to submit this document to the secretariat no later than the closing date indicated above, so that schedules can be established accordingly.

  • Programme Schedule (no later than 8th April)
    The Programme Schedule is a personalised document sent by post to the students midway through the academic year. This form is intended to establish the students' full programmes over one year (or more than one year in the case of a reduced workload).
    For organisational purposes and in accordance with the Study Regulations (in French; English version available soon), the choices indicated by the student may not be changed.  
    All students must complete this document in order to be officially registered for the June examination session (first session).

  • Registration for the August/September Examination Session - second session (no later than 15th July)
    As for the January examination session, students are asked to submit the list of exams they wish to take in the second session to the secretariat. 

  • Exit Form (upon successful completion of all exams following the deliberations)
    This form allows the student to communicate their contact details at the end of their studies at the IRSTL.


Work Placements

The optional subjects “Audio-visual Translation, Subtitling/Dubbing” includes an end-of-studies personal project based on a professional work placement.

The optional subjects “Multilingual Negotiation” includes an end-of-studies personal project based on a multilingual work placement. 

Several steps needs to be carried out before a work placement can be completed:

  • Work Placement Agreement
    This must be completed in three original copies and signed by each participant of the work placement (trainee, work placement host, teacher in charge, President of the Academic Committee of the IRSTL). The student must give a copy to each party.

  • An NISS Form
    This form must state the student’s Belgian Social Security Identification Number (Numéro d'Identification à la Sécurité Sociale - NISS).

If the work placement host believes that the work of the trainee poses no risk, they must complete an "absence of risk" form.

If the work placement host believes that the trainee’s work represents any form of risk, they must complete a “risk assessment” form.

If the “risk assessment” form is positive, the student will be asked to undergo a medical examination.
The Prevention and Occupational Health Service, who will assess the health risks related to the work placement, must complete a medical examination form.

No student whose risk assessment is positive will start their work placement without undergoing a medical examination.

Defending Master Theses

This information is available only to students registered on optional scientific subjects (speech sciences, language teaching, language and cognition, translation studies).

The course programme foresees the defence of a Master thesis that the student may carry out in the first or second examination session.

For various organisational reasons, the student must complete and send their Master thesis defence application form to their supervisor (first or second session).
The dates that these documents must be sent by is stated in the email and on the information document accompanying the programme schedule. 

Collecting Documents

Students wishing to collect documents (transcripts of results, certificates of achievement, etc.) must report to the secretariat of the IRSTL with a valid identification card.

A person may be authorised to collect documents from the IRSTL secretariat. To do this, the person giving this authorisation must sent a proxy form to the authorised person who will report to the secretariat with valid identification.

Collecting Degree Certificates

Students are informed by post that their degree certificate is available for collection.

The degree certificate may be collected by the student in person or by any other person representing the student.

To do this, the student must complete a proxy form. The authorised person must then report to the secretariat of the IRSTL with valid identification.


fiche signaletique.pdffiche signaletique
Matieres choix obligatoires.pdfMatieres choix obligatoires
Choix des langues.pdfChoix des langues
Convention de stage.pdfConvention de stage
Analyse des risques.pdfAnalyse des risques
Examen medical.pdfExamen medical
Inscription janvier.pdfInscription janvier
Inscription seconde session MC.pdfInscription seconde session MC
Autorisation defense memoire juin.pdfAutorisation defense memoire juin
Autorisation defense memoire septembre.pdfAutorisation defense memoire septembre
Formulaire de sortie.pdfFormulaire de sortie
Reçu documents.pdfReçu documents
Reçu documents procuration.pdfReçu documents procuration
Procuration diplome.pdfProcuration diplome
Accusé de reception diplome.pdfAccusé de reception diplome
Absence de risques.pdfAbsence de risques