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Specialisation Certificate in Language Immersion Methodology

This course is for those in the field of immersion, in daily contact with learners (pre-school and primary school teachers), immersion managers (heads of schools, institutions responsible for education, members of the educational authorities), and school psychologists.

1. Objectives

While our institution offers an excellent range of courses to train students as teachers, foreign language teachers, psychologists, speech therapists and managers of educational establishments, it is not possible to group all of these areas of expertise into one course. The purpose of this course is to provide all those involved in immersion with a framework of thought and reflection that is likely to support their work based on differentiated expertise, as well as bring them any additional training necessary to understand immersive devices that the initial training would not have addressed.

2. Programme

The programme comprises three subjects:

  • Conceptual Framework of Immersion (3 credits);

  •  Psycholinguistic Approaches to the Acquisition of Native and Second Languages (3 credits);

  • Analysis of Educational, Organisational and Management Realities of Immersion Education (4 credits).