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The programme of Bachelor in Psychology and Education depends on the student's former course. Various scenarios have to be distinguished.

The student has no higher education degree

To be awarded the Bachelor's degree in psychology and education, the student must accumulate 180 credits divided into three sets of 60 credits, each one corresponding to one year of study.

The structure of the programme organized on a part-time basis, differs slightly from that proposed in daytime classes.

The student has a degree of university education

Holders of a higher education degree can request accreditation of their former studies and benefit from a personalized programme to obtain a Bachelor's degree in psychology and education. The adaptation of the programme is generally carried out on the level of the first two years of the bachelor's programme. Requests must be introduced using a specific form.  It is submitted to a pannel of the Faculty.

In certain cases, this can lead to the normal duration of the cycle being reduced to two years. The student then has the possibility of accomplishing the first and second years of the bacelor's programme in one year.

After examination of the requests, the pannel assigns to each student a personalized programme.

Student can put forward all relevant personal or professional experience.

The accreditation of experience and skills (APEL) allows, under certain conditions, people who can bring evidence of personal or professional experience, i.e. in connection with the curriculum concerned, can benefit from precredits for parts of the programme.

People wishing to be accompanied in the preparation of their file, the steps of Accreditation of the acquired experiences of the experiment are supervised by APEL counsellors. Requests must be introduced using a specific form.