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Structure and organization

In a few words

University studies are organized in two cycles. The first provides, after three years of studies, a Bachelor's degree in Psychology and Education. After this, students have access to the Master's programme, either in psychology or in education, according to his/her choice.

The Bachelor programme in psychology and education are organized by the University of Mons according to two formulas: daytime courses (at Mons) and part-time (at Charleroi).

Practical clauses

Part-time classes at Charleroi are held in the Universiy of Mons building (Boulevard Joseph II, 38-42). Timetables are as follows :

- weekdays: 17:15 - 20:00;
- Saturdays: 8:00 or 9:00 - 12:00.

Timetables can be extremely variable from one week to another. On average, they include three or four classes per week.

Organization of the programme

Education organized on a part-time basis complies with a full programme. Course design does not necessarily correspond to a traditional model. Sometimes, subjects ar presented completely by the instructor; in other cases, the instructor's role is limited to question and answer meetings. Students are to program their training according to their availabilities.

The first cycle, as in other faculties of psychology and education, is conceived as an education platform which is common to all students of psychology and education. At the end of this first cycle, students have the bases that are necessary for a specialization in psychology or education sciences. This cycle includes theoretical classes, practical works carried out in groupwork or individually, as well as personal research and readings. In addition to core courses in psychology and education, it includes general courses, particularly statistics and languages (English), essential for research and professional practice in psychology and education. The third year offers several fields of pre-specialization (without consequence on later choices).

The first cycle ends with a project that comprises seminar work, an individual in-depth study and contact with professional realities.

Further studies

The Master in Psychology is offered on a daytime basis only in Mons. The Master in Education Sciences is held on a daytime basis in Mons, whereas in Charleroi the schedule is shifted. The Master's programme includes compulsory subjects, electives, placements and an end of studies work.