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Admission requirements

General terms

Holders of a Bachelor's degree in Psychology and education have access to the studies of the master's degree in education sciences.

Moreover under the terms of the decree by the Government of the French Community of June 30th, 2006 holders of academic degrees delivered outside the university mentioned below have access to the programme of the preparatory year for the master in education:

  • Bachelor-Assistant in Psychology ;
  • Bachelor-Assistant in social Psychology ;
  • Bachelor-Educator specializing in psychoeducational accompaniment;
  • Bachelor of pre-schoolTeaching ;
  • Bachelor of primaryTeaching ;
  • Bachelor in Lower Secondary Education (all sections);
  • Bachelor in Speech and Language Therapy;
  • Bachelor in audiology.


In certain cases, according to the former career, it is possible to have the study programme of the preparatory year adapted. The personalized application must be introduced using a specific form.  This one is submitted to a pannel of Faculty members.

Special requirements

Accreditation of acquired experience (APEL) allows, under certain conditions, people being able to give proof of five years of professional and/or personal experience (study years not completed successfully not included) to have access to studies of a master's degree for which they would otherwise not have the required degree. On this basis these people could be given access to the master in education sciences. In this particular case, requests must be introduced using a specific form. People wishing to get help to set up their file can benefit from advice and support provided by our APEL consellors.