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Preparatory year for Master in Education Sciences

One year of studies comprises, in general, of the school subjects to the amount of 60 appropriations. The preparatory year is composed primarily of the three years lesson resulting from studies from graduate in psychological sciences and from education. Its programme implies obligatory matters, for 50 appropriations, and the realization of a project. Under certain conditions, the Accreditation of the former acquired experiences can make it possible the student to be exempted of the latter. A form of personalized application must be finish off in order to request such an Accreditation (form).

1st and 2nd master in Education sciences

The two years of studies constituting the cycle of master in education sciences contain obligatory lesson, commun runs with all, elective courses, as well as placements. These various types of lesson are distributed as follows:

 Year of studies   Teaching   Credits
Master 1     Obligatory matters   30
Electives   15
Professionnalising Placement   15
Master 2     Electives  15
Professionnalising Placement   16
Master thesis   29

The elective courses are organized in modules of 15 appropriations, i.e. the student chooses one of the many modules of elective in 1st master and another of those in 2nd master. All the modules of electives are not proposed each year in Charleroi.

With certain conditions the student could carry out one of his placements on his work place. The payment of the placements of Faculté of psychology and education sciences brings on this subject useful precise details.

Accreditation of the acquired experiences of the experiment

The accreditation of experience and skills (APEL) allows, under certain conditions, people who can bring evidence of personal or professional experience, i.e. in connection with the curriculum concerned, can benefit from precredits for parts of the programme.

People wishing to be accompanied in the preparation of their file, the steps of Accreditation of the acquired experiences of the experiment are supervised by APEL counsellors. Requests must be introduced using a specific form.