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Structure and organization

In a few words

Faculté of psychology and education sciences organizes, after the academic cycle of graduate (in three years), a one two years duration academic cycle called master in education sciences.

An access to this master is also possible for certain types of graduates of higher education, with the help of the one year success of studies preparatory.

One year of preparatory study comprises maximum 60 appropriations. The success of this year of studies opens the access to the master corresponding, within the same university. One preparatory year is considered, from certain points of view, as concerning first cycle but is not certifying.

The programme of master in education sciences lasts two year, or 120 appropriations. Only the master with professional focus is proposed with part-time.

Practical methods

The classes with part-time are organized on the location of Charleroi (Boulevard Joseph II, 38-42). The possible time beaches are the following ones:

- the week: 17:15 with 20:00;
- saturdays: 8:00 or 9:00 with 12:00.

The weekly timetable can be extremely variable. On average, it includes/understands three or four meetings of classes per week. The possible preparatory year of studies is that including/understanding the most hours of classes.

Organization of the programme

The course delivered with part-time is a course of full exercise. The design of the classes necessarily does not correspond however to the traditional model. Sometimes, the matter is completely exposed by the professor; in other cases, the intervention of this one takes the form of meetings of questions and answers. The student programs his training according to his availabilities.

The possible preparatory year aims at giving to each one the fundamentals essential to the good continuation of the studies of master in education sciences. The two years of master, by the means of optional obligatory lesson, approach the following specialized fields:

  • pedagogy of the social action;
  • Family and Society;
  • Pedagogy and Disability;
  • Educational technology;
  • French as a foreign language didactics;
  • Pedagogy and Language;
  • education in the countries in the process of development;
  • Teachers training and didactics for core competence teaching;
  • School Management;
  • analysis and design of e-learning devices.


And afterwards

In terms of studies, the carriers of an Academic of master have access to the studies aiming at aggregation for higher secondary education (AESS) like, in certain conditions, those driving with the teaching training certificate appropriate to university education (CAPAES).