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Student Cards and Badges

Student Card:


The student card confirms that you are registered at UMONS and is issued every year once you are registered for the new academic year.
The card will be sent by post once your completed registration file has been received by the Registration Office and your fees have been paid. For students who receive study grants, or who are still awaiting a decision from the awarding body, your card will be sent as soon as your completed registration file has been received.

Student Badge:


The student badge acts as an access card and a digital wallet.

The badge will give you access to the buildings you need to use for your particular course of studies.

The digital wallet means that you can make photocopies using any of the University's photocopiers.

If you haven't received your badge yet, this will be given to you in person on the day of your registration (if you register at the Registration Office) or sent by post to your Belgian address.

N.B.: Students who do not have an official address in Belgium should collect their student card from the Registration Office.

Students who are registered in Charleroi should go to the Charleroi Administrative Office to collect their student card.

If you already have your badge, be sure to keep it on you at all times, as you will find that it is essential throughout your studies here.

Please notes:

  • If your badge is lost or stolen, please go to the Registration Office or the Charleroi Administrative Office. A fee of 5 € will be charged to replace your student badge. This fee can only be paid by Bancontact or cash (Visa, MasterCard and Maestro are NOT accepted).
  • If you do not receive your badge, or if it does not work, please go to the Registration Office or the Charleroi Administrative Office.
  • The student badge is necessary for any purchase at the University Press outlets.