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Changes to Registration - Reorientation


In accordance with the study regulations, changes to a student’s course of studies, referred to as "reorientation requests", when the academic year is already underway, must be submitted to the Registration Office. You must do the following, according to your situation:

  • Students registered for the first block of 60 credits on a Bachelor's degree programme must submit their request: 

- before 1st December


- between the end of the exam period at the end of the first term and the 15th February.

  • All other students must submit their request before 1st December

If the Head of Department approves the request, the student must go to the Registration Office with their student card to continue the reorientation process.

Cancellation of Registration

Students may cancel their registration, if they wish, before 1st December. If this is the case, the student must only pay 10% of the tuition fees for the academic year.

If this sum is not paid, this is considered to be a debt owed to UMONS.

In every case, the student must inform both the Registration Office and the Faculty Secretariat of the cancellation of registration. This must be done in writing either by:

  • going directly to the Registration Office to fill out the necessary forms, or
  • completing the form below and sending it to the Registration Office

    Students who drop out after 1st December must still follow the above procedure, but in this case they are considered to be regular students for the rest of the 2016-2017 academic year. As such, the full tuition fees are still due.