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Registration and Re-registration Procedure for Doctoral Studies

In compliance with articles 115 and 116 of the Decree of 7th November 2013 defining higher education, students who possess one or more of the following credentials can enrol on a PhD programme at UMONS:

·         A Master’s degree which accounts for at least 120 credits;

·         Study credentials similar to those aforementioned, issued by the French Community of Belgium (or other) in accordance with the terms and conditions set by the academic authorities (the additional entry conditions aforementioned are intended to ensure that the student has acquired the knowledge and skills required for the studies mentioned herein. Where such additional conditions consist of one or more additional courses, these courses cannot represent more than 60 additional credits, considering the overall number of credits that the student can have validated on admission. These courses form part of the curriculum);

·         A foreign qualification equivalent in level to those mentioned in the above two points and issued in accordance with European Law or international convention.

·         A postgraduate-level degree issued in the French Community of Belgium (or other) which does not meet the requirements to enrol on a PhD course, pursuant to the preceding paragraph, but accounts for at least 300 credits validated by the Board of Education, can, however, be admitted onto a PhD programme by the Board of Education in line with the terms and conditions it establishes.

·         Notwithstanding these general conditions, and/or any additional requirements that these conditions impose, the academic authorities may also admit holders of the following qualifications onto a PhD programme: a degree or other qualification issued outside the French community of Belgium, which, under this original system, can lead directly to doctoral studies or studies and/or work relating to the preparation of a doctoral thesis, despite the fact that these degree courses are not arranged in separate cycles or completed in at least five years. This condition of admission is an exception and must be duly justified on the basis of formal and authentic evidence of the ability to pursue doctoral studies under the original system.

·         Students cannot gain the title of ‘Doctor’ if they do not pass the doctoral training.

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