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Joseph Hubert 



Joseph Hubert

Born in Mons in 1822, Joseph Hubert was an Engineer and graduate from the École centrale de Paris (1844). He then went on to perfect his craft, studying at the École des Beaux-arts for 2 years. In 1851 he came back to Mons where he was appointed as the communal architect. Throught this role he completed several public buildings such as the Tir communal (1868), the hôpital civil (1869-1875), the École normale de l’État (1872-1876), and the bulidings for water distribution (1871), among others. He was also tasked with the clearing of the Sainte-Waudru Collegiate-Church (1898) and the improvements to the staircase at the grand entrance erected in 1840. His interest in architecture brought him to publish several studies and, most notably, to oppose the demolition of the Val des écoliers abbey tower.
The plans he drew up for the new hospital were contested by members of the administrative commission in Mons. Hubert defended his point of view with great energy, even going as far as to appeal for the support of Florence Nightingale, who he had exchanged corresponce with. Joseph Hubert died in Mons in 1910.

Christine Gobeaux


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