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First-aid workers
Instructions in the event of fire
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Instructions in the event of fire, smoke or evacuation.

In the event of fire or smoke:

1. Stay calm.
2. Immediately raise the alarm using the alarm network button (red box).
3. Immediately warn the internal prevention department 3737 or 3708 or 3636 (Grands Amphithéâtres porter) and if necessary the fire service 0100.

If you hear evacuation sirens:

4. Immediately evacuate the building, closing doors and windows, leaving lights on and taking nothing with you.
5. Help people with reduced mobility and check that your colleagues are leaving the building.
6. Follow the exit or fire exit pictogram signs.


7. Never retrace your steps.
8. Gather at the assembly point and check that your colleagues and acquaintances have left the> 9. Anyone seeing fire or smoke should make themselves known to the fire service to show them the location and magnitude.


Assembly points:

For Warocqué: the internal courtyard.
For Pentagone, Grands Amphithéâtres, E.I.I. and restaurant: the courtyard and lawn between Pentagone and Grands Amphithéâtres.
For buildings 4, 5, 6 and Mendeleïev: : the lawn between building 4 and Mendeleïev.
For Centre Vésale: on the lawn between the building and lycée M. Bervoets.
For 18,19,20,21 and 22 place du Parc and ruelle du Cerf Blanc: in the park.
For Rue de Houdain: the internal courtyard.

For Charleroi: on the pavement opposite the building.

Internal prevention department.