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Jean-Alexandre Pouleur

Head of Unit
PhD Architecture
Associate Professor

Publications via the University’s institutional repository

Professor Alexandre Pouleur teaches the theory of architecture, urban sociology, habitat programming, and research methodology. He also participates in workshops on spatial composition: diversity and habitats. Furthermore, he is Vice-President of the Research Institute for Human Development and Organisations (humanOrg). He is a member of the scientific committee of the thematic doctoral school (architecture, urban planning, architectural and urban engineering), the URBAInE research centre and the Chambre des Urbanistes de Belgique. An expert in the field, working with the FNRS, Professor Pouleur specialises in issues of spatial perception, urban images and citizen participation. His transdisciplinary, multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary fields of research are urban sociology, urban planning, architecture and heritage. More specifically, his research focuses on the reuse of industrial sites, innovative housing typologies adapted to changes in society, the economic empowerment of inhabitants and the renovation of their property, and urban images as a tool for valuing property.

His research is based on his own field experience, gained over thirty years of immersion in the associative world involving citizen participation. He has also conducted a number of research-actions aimed at consulting and cooperating with actors for urban co-production. He has set up, coordinated and led six European projects involving interdisciplinary teams working mainly on the concerted development of urban centres, multifunctional cities and sustainable renovation.

These projects are based on his previous experience as a self-employed architect who worked on various projects, such as the renovation of hotels, businesses and offices, and as a member of the Commission Royale des Monuments, Sites et Fouilles (CRMSF - (Royal Committee for Monuments and Sites). These fields were also part of his doctoral research on “social vécu”.