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1st cycle: Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science

General description of the programme

The Bachelor's programme in computer science includes 180 ECTS credits spread over three years.  It provides a solid basic education in the sciences, mainly geared towards computer science. Obtaining a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science is the first step to complete before pursuing a Master's Degree in Computer Science. In this first cycle, all the fundamental concepts that are introduced will be finished out with many exercises and a significant amount of practical work.

Profile of the programme

The Bachelor's programme will give students the foundations needed to develop the skills that are required of a computer scientist, including both theoretical and practical knowledge. The main courses include algorithms and programming, databases, operating systems, compilation, networks.  They are rounded out with fundamental tools such as mathematics basics for computer science.

The main objectives of the Bachelor's programme in computer science are to:

  • train students in the principles of design and analysis (development, modelling, validation, ...).
  • ilustrate these aspects through exercises, practical work and group - then individual - projects. The practical work is intended to teach students autonomy and innovation
  • incite students to develop capacities for abstraction and modelisation, as well as a critical mind, thanks to a conceptual and scientific approach.
  • train students to have multiple skills and to adapt to varying and often multidisciplinary environments.


Diagram with Credits

Key learning outcomes

After completing this curriculum, students will be able to:

  • reason with the necessary rigour while applying their skills in the various disciplines of computer science
  • implement crossdisciplinary skills such as: autonomy, rigour, group work, innovation
  • use the methods and computer tools they have learned through the programme (model software, design databases, analyse network performance, ...)


Occupational profiles of graduates

The Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science does not lead directly to employability. Most holders of this degree continue their studies up to the Master’s Degree in Computer Science.

Access to further studies

With a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, students can continue on to a Master's programme in Computer Science at UMONS or at any university of their choice.

Mode of study

Full time

Programme director or equivalent

President of the Institute of Computer Science:  Véronique BRUYÈRE