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EU FP7 ILHAIRE project - Incorporating Laughter into Human Avatar Interactions: Research and Experiments, 2011-2014

The UMONS Research Center in Information Technologies and Numediart Institute for New Media Art Technology are coordinating the ILHAIRE european research project, starting in September 2011.

ILHAIRE is funded under the Future and Emerging Technologies (FET) chapter of the 7th framework program for research of the European Union, a very competitive line of research funding where less than 6% of research proposals get funded.

It intends to study the role of laughter during interactions between humans and machines and to develop new paradigms for natural man-machine interactions, including though anthropomorphic avatars that may play an important role in future digital media.

The project is in particular focused on non-verbal social communication cues related to smile an laughter, within a framework that will consider laughter as part of dialogs, and using technologies for accurate multimodal capture of the different facets of social communication (voice, gestures, posture and facial expressions). The ILHAIRE consortium is composed of an interdisciplinary team of nine organizations.

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