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The European Commission has just informed UMONS that it has been awarded the “HR Excellence in Research” label. The University of Mons is the second French-speaking university in Belgium, after ULg, to receive this accreditation. This is excellent news for the 80 research departments and their 600 researchers..

Since 2005, UMONS has been committed to complying with the  European Charter for Researchers and the Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers. By being awarded the “HR Excellence in Research” accreditation, it has made a significant step and will now intensify its strategy for managing human resources in the field of research.

The initiatives in this field revolve around five axes:

  1. Reinforcing the ethical, societal and professional dimensions that contribute to the quality of research
  2. Improving the quality of information that is provided to potential candidates, in order to ensure the transparency of recruitment procedures
  3. Increasing its research potential by establishing a pro-active policy in favour of researchers from abroad as well as underprivileged groups
  4. Contributing to improve the recognition of backgrounds and qualifications  
  5. Supporting the development of the careers of researchers.

A few examples of concrete measures the University is taking: UMONS has begun to partner young doctoral students with Ph.D. students who are further along in their studies, to develop diffusion channels for job offers in research, to ensure financial support for post-doctoral stays abroad and to develop specific activities to promote the doctorate.

The University of Mons has also committed to undergo an internal assessment every 2 years and an external one every 4 years. 

For more info on the human resource management strategy in the field of research at UMONS, click on this link