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40-year-old Jerome Cornil is a permanent FNRS researcher in the Chemistry of Novel Materials department at UMONS and has just been informed that he is among the World’s Top 100 chemists of the past decade.

Jerome is ranked in 99th position and is the only Belgian to appear in this prestigious ranking established by Thomson Reuters on the basis of two criteria: the number of publications and the number of citations recorded for these publications between 1st January 2000 and 31st October 2010. Over this period, Jerome Cornil published 65 articles in scientific journals related to chemistry and his work was quoted 3,640 times.

After obtaining a Master’s Degree, then a Doctorate in Chemistry from the former UMH, Jerome Cornil pursued his career as a student and researcher within the University of Mons and held a post-doctoral position he held in the United States.

He is now a permanent FNRS researcher within the department of Chemistry of Novel Materials, headed by Prof. R. Lazzaroni. This modest scientist from Charleroi considers that he owes this recognition above all to team work. “My ranking can be explained in particular by the fact that our laboratory is involved in many projects and collaborations at the European level. That is evidence to the high quality standard that our institution aims to achieve in research”.

Jerome Cornil is more specifically implicated in the theoretical modelling of organic materials for electronics (also called “electronic organics”). “Applications of this research mainly aim at replacing silicon. Organic materials are used in the field of OLEDs for TV screens or mobile phones, in integrated circuits or even in solar cells".

More info on the Chemistry of Novel Materials dept. can be found on this link.

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