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Research Institute for Energy 


Currently, our modes of energy production and consumption are clearly unsustainable. As a result, society will eventually be subject to medium-term consequences, which include:

  • an increase in social inequalities (problem of access to energy at affordable prices),
  • a loss of profitability of industries strongly dependent on energy supply,
  • a negative impact on climate and biodiversity,
  • an increased risk of geopolitical tensions.


The stakes are so high that political plans are being devised for the long term (80 to 95% reduction in emissions of greenhouse gases in Europe by 2050 - compared to 1990). Such policy objectives require new developments in all sectors of society. The energy problem is a multidisciplinary issue, covering scientific, technological, societal, legislative, economic and political aspects. It therefore requires an integrated multi-disciplinary approach.

The UMONS Research Institute for Energy originates from the Energy Research Centre of the Faculty of Engineering, which was established in 2005. It now organises research activities in the field of energy at UMONS.



Pr.Marc Frère
Tel: +32 (0) 65/37.42.06
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Some figures
on the Institute

23 Research Units

85 researchers and teachers

20 on-going PhD theses

20 research projects per year funded by external organisations