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Research Institute for Human development and Organisations 


The objective of this Institute is to facilitate, develop and enhance research regarding changes in human development and organisations.

Here, the term "change" implies a technical, but more importantly, a social context, and refers to socio-economic transformations and social innovations.

Human development refers primarily to changes that expand opportunities for individuals and strengthen their capacities to live in conditions in accordance with their needs and interests.

Organisations can be seen as objects of study given that they consist of mutliple stakeholders (including employees, users, suppliers, customers, shareholders and citizens) and can be related according to their purpose.

A somewhat different perspective to consider is organisations in connection with changes that cross and influence behaviour and performance (including through stakeholder satisfaction). Favoured by the Institute, this perspective is linked to the concept of organisational development.



Pr. Alain Finet
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on the Institute

3 Faculties and 2 Schools

22 Research teams

More than 100 researchers

Many national and international projects

Many partnerships with the economic, social and other sectors alike