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Research Institute for Language science and Technology 


The aim of the UMONS Research Institute for Language Science and Technology (LANGUAGE Institute) is to coordinate, promote and develop all aspects of language research beyond the boundaries traditionally associated with academic and professional contexts that usually separate various domains of language expertise, including literature, speech therapy, translation, medicine, signal processing and psycholinguistics. The Institute aims to combine the efforts of all UMONS scientists, not only to develop research activities regarding language, but also to address and develop scientific research in all domains by way of multi- and interdisciplinary collaborations.

The Institute’s research regards language as an "ability", which individuals possess in order to communicate with others, and as a "system", which, although originally resulting from communicative exchanges between people, is imposed on the speaker through his/her belonging to a community. Therefore, language can be considered as an object of study in itself rather than on an individual basis. The Institute’s research aims to describe and understand language as well as develop methods and devices that concern, for example, language analysis, processing, simulation, modification, support, education and care.



Pr.Bernard Harmegnies
Tel: +32 (0) 65/37.31.45
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4 Faculties:
Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy Faculty of Engineering
Faculty of Psychology and Education
Faculty of Translation and Interpretation

16 Teaching and Research Departments

More than 100 researchers