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Specialisation Certificate in Language Teaching


1. Objectives

This course aims to teach students the different approaches and methods of teaching foreign languages, particularly by studying the research conducted on such approaches, to assess the benefits and difficulties of these for teaching and learning languages at different levels of education and in different contexts (immersion, compulsory education, continuing education courses for adults, etc.). Particular emphasis is placed on teaching oral skills as well as foreign language pronunciation. Lessons will allow students to elaborate on particular issues specific to the special methodology of a specific foreign or second language.

2. Admission

Students who possess one or more of the following credentials may enrol on this course: 

a) a Master’s degree in the field as outlined in Article 10a of the Decree of 31st March 2004;

b) a Master’s degree, a Postgraduate Specialised Degree (DES) or Advanced Master’s Degree, the field of language sciences awarded by IL-ISL (UMH and/or UMONS and/or the former Brussels Alliance for Research and Higher Education) provided that this degree includes at least either an option or orientation in translation, conference interpreting, Scandinavian languages and literature, audio-visual translation or multilingual negotiations;

c) another degree awarded in the French Community of Belgium, in accordance with additional terms and conditions that may be required by the academic authorities;

d) a foreign qualification, in accordance with additional terms and conditions that may be required by the academic authorities. 

3. Programme

The programme comprises five subjects: 

  •  Subject 1: Unknown Language (2 ECTS)
  •  Subject 2: Phonetic Correction (2 ECTS)
  •  Subject 3: Didactics (2 ECTS)
  •  Subject 4: Methodology (2 ECTS)
  •  Subject 5: Personal Work (7 ECTS)

Subjects 1 to 4 may be covered in favour of activities organised

  • either at the FTI-EII,
  • or at the IRSTL.

This is subject to approval from the IRSTL Director, as well as the Faculty Dean who responsible for this curriculum, and in accordance with the terms and conditions established by the Study Regulations, ONLY subjects 1 to 4 can be selected as single courses by students registered at UMONS on a Master’s programme.

Passing this course is subject to the student’s passing of assessments that correspond to the following 5 subjects:










Courses included in UMONS degree programmes

Courses specific to this training 

Subject 1 :

Unknown Language

Psycholinguistic learning of an unknown language


Psycholinguistic learning of an unknown language

Subject 2 :

Phonetic Correction



Applied Phonetics


Phonetic Correction [1]

Teaching Oral Skills

Subject 3 :


Foreign Language Didactics

An Introduction to Teaching French as a Foreign Language and as a Second Language

An Introduction to the Teaching-Learning of a Foreign Language

Subject 4 :


Specific Methodology 

Methodology for Teaching French as a Foreign/Second Language (FLES)



Subject 5



Travail personnel

[1] Subject to agreement from ULB, the Institute allows students to follow the course of the same title on offer at ULB in Brussels and assigned to Mrs Piccaluga and Mr Harmegnies

4. Applications

Students register at the University’s Department of Continuing Education at the beginning of the teaching period. 

The applications (including grades) are managed by the secretariat of the IRSTL.

5. Board

The Board is composed of teachers in the training field, the Director of the IRSTL ex officio, and members UMONS academia appointed by the CIL, in compliance with Article 1 of the UMONS Examination Regulations and Article 68 paragraph 1 of the Decree of 31st March 2004. 

The Chairperson and Secretary of the Board are appointed each year.

The Admissions Board consists of the Chairperson, the Secretary and the Director of the IRSTL.