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Research Institute for Materials Science and Engineering 


The Research Institute for Materials Science and Engineering combines the activities in materials science and engineering from three research centres; two from the Faculty of Science: the Centre of Innovation and Research in MAterials & Polymers (CIRMAP) and the Research Centre in Materials Physics (CRPM), and one from the Faculty of Engineering: the Materials Engineering Research Centre (CRIM), formerly known as the Pôle Matériaux. Opti²Mat is a Programme of Excellence financed by the Région wallonne (Belgian regional government) and is the original founder and driving force behind the creation of the Institute.

For guidance in its missions, the Institute relies on the advice of a strategic planning committee consisting of manufacturers, academics and associated research centres. The MATERIALS Institute is represented by more than 270 members, the majority of whom are researchers, PhD students and postdoctoral staff. They have strong collaborations with several research centres in Mons, including Materia Nova and the INISMa-BCRC (Inter- University Institute of Silicates, Soils and Materials / Belgian Ceramic Research Centre), which are both members of the Environment and Materials Research Association (EMRA).



Pr.Roberto Lazzaroni
Tel: +32 (0) 65/37.38.60
E-mail :

Some figures
on the Institute

Members of the CIRMAP: 152

Members of the CRPM: 25

Members of the CRPM: 110

More than 10 classified publications in 2013

Around 10 filed patents in 1 year

106 on-going theses in 2013

14 theses defended in 2013 

More than 100 scientific collaborations

More than 50 on-going industrial contracts

More than 15 on-going European contracts