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Teaching Assessment Surveys

The teaching assessment methods at UMONS have been reviewed and harmonised.

The first step in this process is to conduct a teaching assessment survey, the aim of which is for teachers to log their teaching hours and to review all teaching activities carried out during the academic year.

The information taken from the teachers logged hours is used to identify the students who need to participate in these surveys and also to complete the teachers' personal activity reports. 

These surveys concern teachers who are involved in collective education and who have been appointed for this purpose by the Board of Directors. This also applies to research and teaching assistants or any other person who has logged their teaching hours (refer to the regulations on teaching assessments - Board of Directors meeting of June 2011).

Short Teaching Assessment Survey

-         UMONS has introduced a new procedure to assess the teaching activities and associated teaching hours of its teachers. These assessments are based on an annual teaching assessment survey, which aims to obtain direct feedback to get an idea of the quality of teaching and to detect possible room for improvement.

The results of these surveys are a source of useful information to improve teaching and to document teachers' teaching activities.

Article 25 of the Study Regulations states: "The University regularly gives its students surveys, the objective of which is to improve teaching and other related fields. Students are  required to complete these surveys."

In-depth Teaching Assessment Survey

UMONS also implements a more in-depth prodecure to assess the teaching activities and associated teaching hours.

The point of this type of assessmebn is, simply, to obtain more detailed information allowing our teachers to improve individually and collectively. This is independent of the methods that the individual faculties implement to assess their teachers' teaching and is also a way to document problematic situations with more care.

Each faculty is responsible for conducting the teaching assessments of their teachers (or those involved in their study prgorammes). 


Regulations on teaching assessments

Contact: Dorothée Kozlowski (+32 (0)65 373200)