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Joint Supervision of a PhD

Procedure for establishing a Joint Supervision Agreement of a PhD at UMONS

  • Admission:

The doctoral candidate must fulfil all the legal conditions for admission and must be accepted by the board. Once you have an idea of the candidate and the intended thesis, you must contact those responsible for third cycle admissions at your Faculty Secretariat.

  • Joint Supervision Agreement:

For each joint supervision, the partner universities sign an agreement adopting a principle of reciprocity and describing the terms of the joint supervision, regardless of a financial and/or intellectual property agreement.
Once the admissions application has been submitted to the secretariat of the Faculty concerned and the potential request for funding has been made, you must establish a joint supervision agreement with the supervisor of the partner university.
For a Joint Supervision Agreement with an institution outside of the French Community of Belgium, a template of a joint supervision agreement is available upon request at the International Relations Office (contact Didier Toussaint: Once the text of the agreement has been agreed upon by both supervisors, it must be submitted to the International Relations Office who will make any changes (if necessary) and then send it to you for approval. Once the amended text has been approved by both supervisors and the International Relations Office, it will be submitted to Aline Jassogne, Head of the Academic Affairs Department, for a final read-through. If any major changes are made, the joint supervision agreement will be signed by the UMONS parties and then sent to the partner university to be signed. Otherwise, any major changes made by Aline Jassogne will be sent to the supervisors so that they can validate the amended text..

For a Joint Supervision Agreement with an institution within the French Community of Belgium, please contact Aline Jassogne ( in order to set up the agreement.

Financial Agreement:

Once the UMONS supervisor has established a tentative agreement in order for a thesis to be carried out under joint supervision with a partner university, and along with the previous points, a financial agreement is drafted with the assistance of the AVRE.

  • Intellectual Property Agreement:

For Intellectual Property Agreements, it is also necessary to contact the AVRE once the future doctoral student has been admitted.

To assess possible tax exemption, please contact Cécile Gallez (, Head of Human Resources, when then candidate has been admitted.

For more detailed information, please consult the Vade-Mecum related to Joint PhD Agreements.

  • Useful Documents:

- Everything you need to know about PhDs at UMONS (in French)
- Doctoral Regulations 2014-2015
- Doctoral Regulations 2014-2015 - Annex 1