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If you are a student at UMONS, student mobility programmes provide a way for you to spend between 3 months to 1 academic year in another higher education institution in Europe, Canada, USA, and many other countries. These programmes allow you to expand your cultural horizons and improve your language skills.

The International Relations Office (SRI) provides information on the different programmes on offer and will help you to do your application (choice of country, the host university, etc.). The SRI also deals with the administrative aspects regarding mobility, including determining grant amounts, following-up files, contacting the host institution, and much more.


Conditions for Participating in Mobility Programmes:

  •              Participants must be registered at UMONS
  •       1st year students are not allowed to participate
  •       Mobility must last between 3 months and 1 year
  •       The student must be a citizen (or have permanent residency or refugee status) of a country participating in ERASMUS (for the ERASMUS programme only)
  •       The student must be selected by their faculty, school or institute.


Selection Conditions:

Each faculty has defined its own rules for selecting candidates. These are presented to students during an information session held in October or November (each faculty organises its own information session).

 Each student applicant must complete an application form.

 Students of the FWEG are requested to use this form.

More information:


Free registration at the host institution:

Registration at the host institution is free. The OUTGOING student must still register at their home institution before departing for their mobility placement. They will remain registered at UMONS during their placement abroad.


Mobility Location

Mobility programmes can be carried out exclusively at a university with which UMONS has signed an agreement.
The proposed host university must be an official partner of UMONS (officially established bilateral agreement), except in the case of work placements.

The host university must be chosen in consultation with the ERASMUS coordinator of the UMONS Faculty concerned (or, for the FTI-EII, the departmental coordinators for the proposed country). The final choice is determined by this coordinator and is communicated to the International Relations Office by means of a pre-selection form.


Course Programme

A study or work placement agreement, which must include the list of courses to be studied and other activities to be undertaken during the placement, must be drawn up before departing for the host university. This programme must be approved by the departmental coordinators in Mons and at the host institution. If necessary, it may be modified upon arrival at the host institution, with explicit approval from both coordinators, in the section named “modification de la convention d'études ou de stage”. This can be done by fax, e-mail (with a scanned copy of the document) or post. Please note: changes to this agreement can be made only under EXCEPTIONAL and justified circumstances. It is essential that these changes be submitted within 4 weeks of the start date of the academic year at the host institution. It is impossible to make changes after this deadline. Any applications to extend the placement must be submitted to the home institution at least 1 month before the end of the originally scheduled learning activities.

Please note: The curriculum followed abroad replaces and is not in addition to the curriculum at the home institution.

Academic Recognition

The subjects studied abroad and the exams taken and passed are recognised by the University of Mons.

At the end of the placement, the host institution will send us your results. The grades are then converted according to the ECTS system (please note: each faculty has its own grade conversion grid).

In case of failure, any examinations must, in principle, be taken during the resit period at the host institution.

Each case is assessed separately and the final decision lies with the faculty coordinator (or the chairperson of the programme committee at the FPMs).

Please note: the FTI-EII and the FWEG insist that the resits be completed abroad.

If the results of exams taken abroad are not sent to UMONS in time for deliberation in the first examination session, your deliberation will take place during the “open sessions” to ensure your right to a possible resit session.


Financial Assistance:

A grant may be awarded. In this case, the provisions defined in the grant contract must be respected.

For FPMs students, an extra sum of money is awarded to students who complete a mobility placement. More detailed information can be obtained from the FPMs Secretariat.

For FWEG students, an IWF interest free loan may be requested.

What is an IWF loan?

The IWF (International Warocqué Foundation) is a fund that awards grants in the form of interest-free loans to students carrying out a placement abroad, so that the financial aspect of the stay is less of a burden.  These interest-free loans are repayable once you get a job following graduation. The University’s Social Services will determine the repayment terms with you.


Family Allowance

Even during your mobility placement, you remain a student of UMONS and, as such, you maintain your right to claim family allowance.


Housing Abroad

You are responsible for finding your own housing in your host town. We advise you to contact your host institution quickly, as the deadline for reserving accommodation in some institutions can be early.

Some institutions provide no assistance in finding housing, in which case you will have to do this yourself. We advise you to discuss this with students who have previously carried out mobility placements in the same host institution.


On arrival at your host institution, you must:

  • Complete the arrival form with the relevant staff members of the host institution and then send a copy of it to the International Relations Office (SRI) of UMONS by fax, email or post
  • Check the feasibility of your course programme and, if necessary, change it within the following four weeks before your learning activities begin.


On your return, you must:

  • Bring proof of completion of the placement. The second part of this documentation must have been completed by the International Relations Office of the host institution (Word or PDF)
  • Complete a mobility report (Word or PDF).

Both these documents must reach the UMONS International Relations Office within 15 days following your return. Failing that, a full repayment of the mobility grant will be required.

  • Ensure that your host institution sends us the results of your examinations (the transcript must be approved and signed by the coordinating partner).


How to Apply

Complete the form and return it to the International Relations Office together with its annexes. (This document is available on request from the International Relations Office).

Deadlines for submitting applications for mobility in the 1st semester or for the entire academic year:

- Academic mobility (study agreement): 15th February

- Placements abroad: 30th April

Deadlines for submitting applications for mobility in the 2nd semester:

- 15th November

Students of the FWEG are requested to use this form.