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Practical information
for international students



All information concering a stay in our residence halls will only be made available once your stay at UMONS has been accepted.

The number of rooms available in our residence halls is limited, so we may not be able to satisfy every request.
If no room is available at the time when your stay has been accepted, a list of private housings in town will be sent to you.

In Mons, there are mainly two types of housing for students:

  • A "kot": Single room in a building where other students live. This type of housing usually comes with furnitures, but sanitary facitilies and kitchens are shared with other students.

  • A "studio": This type of housing is larger than a "kot". It sometimes comes with furnitures (but not always), and the sanitary facitilies and kitchen are individual. The price is usually higher than that of a "kot".

To confirm your housing reservation, you may often be required to transfer a deposit prior to your arrival in Belgium. This deposit is usually equal to one-and-a-half month of rent and will be transfered back to you at the end of your stay, if you leave your housing in a good condition.

Accepting a housing is a formal engagement on your part. If you decide to "opt out" at any point before the end of the housing contract, you may be required to find a new occupant for your housing and/or to pay the amount of rent equal to what you would have paid if you had stayed in that housing.

UMONS cannot be held liable for any ligitation you may have with the owners of private housings in town.

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Mons is a human-sized city where you can easily get around on foot, and a fleet of cheap intramuros busses can also take you to the city's various points of interest.

With the Belgian railway service (SNCB), you can easily go from Mons to any city in Belgium, and you can reach Paris, Amsterdam or London in just a few hours (most often from Brussels). 

With Charleroi Airport (Brussels South) close to Mons, you can also fly out to a great number of cities in Europe and North Africa.

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In 2015, Mons was designated "European Capital of Culture". Mons is full of life and activities, combining architecture, history, culture and local folklore.

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Many additional information can be found in the Incoming Student Guide, which you can view/download here below.

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