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Teaching / research / administrative staff mobility

The ERASMUS programme foresees three types of missions. It provides for paying the lodging and travel expenses of instructors and administrative staff.

Mobility of instructors and researchers - Teaching missions

These missions make it possible to go on a teaching mission at an institution in a country that participates in the programme.

Conditions for eligibility:

  • the instructors/researchers must be UMONS personnel members.
  • a bilateral agreement must exist between UMONS and the institution being visited.
  • the instructors/researchers must give a minimum of 5 hours of courses from the visited institution's regular curriculum.
  • the length of the mission is 6 weeks maximum (a minimum of 5 days is highly recommended but not compulsory).


Mobility of instructors and researchers - Visiting missions

The point of these missions is to visit the partner institutions of UMONS.

They make it possible to stimulate exchanges between the institutions and to improve knowledge of the curricula and training programmes offered by our partner institutions. It is also possible to visit places where students are interns.

Conditions for eligibility:

  •  the participating instructors/researchers must be UMONS personnel members.


Mobility of personnel - Training

"This action makes it possible for personnel in higher education institutions to go through a training period of between 5 days and 6 weeks in a company or organisation, such as a higher education institution in another country participating in the programme."

These missions are open to all UMONS personnel members.

They are intended to:

  • enable higher education personnel members to acquire knowledge or skills through experiences and good practices abroad, as well as practical skills that can be used in their current work and in their professional development.
  • help develop collaboration between higher education institutions and companies.

They can take several forms:

  • Visits to similar departments in other higher education institutions.
  • Observation visits in the workplace.
  • Language courses. 
  • Participation in seminars, workshops, conférences. 


Conditions for eligibility:

  • the participant must be a UMONS personnel member;
  • the mission must last at least 5 working days and may go on for maximum 6 weeks;
  • the training must be useful both for the participant and their department.