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Brazilian Exchange Programme


You applied to do a study programme of a term or whole academic year at UMONS and your application was accepted by the "Ciência sem Fronteiras" team in Brazil?

Here are the steps you must now follow for your admission to UMONS…

1. Choose your host faculty

 Make your choice according to the criteria of the 2015 Ciências sem Fronteiras programme and the UMONS faculties or schools, for which an individual description is available through this link (in French).

2. Create your study programme

Select your courses in consultation and agreement with your academic supervisor from your university.

Our course catalogues are available per faculty and can be consulted by following the links below:

3. Complete and send your candidate file

Your candidate file must contain all of the following documents, which must be completed and signed (where necessary):

  • The Application Form (Application Form);
  • The ECTS Learning Agreement (ECTS Learning Agreement);
  •  A certificate proving that you have an appropriate grasp of the French language (according to the criteria which were indicated in the 2015 call for applicants on the ARES webpage);
  • Your university transcripts for your present year, and all previous years, of study;
  • A copy of both sides of your ID card or a copy of your passport;
  • A passport size photo.

Notes regarding the ECTS Learning Agreement:

- A fixed number of credits is assigned to each course.
- The ECTS Learning Agreement includes the list of courses that you will follow during your time at UMONS. This list must be signed by yourself and your academic supervisor from your home university.
- If your stay at UMONS is the equivalent to one term your study programme must have 30 ECTS credits.
- If your stay at UMONS is the equivalent to one academic year your study programme must have 60 ECTS credits.
- Your candidate file must be sent by e-mail to the contact person (mentioned below) by midnight Belgian time on the 15th February.
- Language abilities: you must have a minimum level of B1(according to the CEFR scale) of the language of instruction for the courses you will follow (French/English).

Please mention in the subject line of your application e-mail which faculty you have chosen to study at.

UMONS contact person: Géraldine BERGER (

Upon receipt of your documents you will be sent a proof of receipt e-mail.

Please note:
- Incomplete files will not be considered.
- After the 15th February deadline no requests will be processed

4. File selection and publication of results

As soon as your dossier is received we will transfer it to the UMONS faculty you have chosen to study in. They will then study your documents and make a decision regarding your admission.

The final selection results will be announced according to the timetable set out in the 2015 call for candidates (after the 30th April 2015) and will only be communicated via the official list published on the "Ciência sem Fronteiras" website.

As such there is no point in contacting UMONS directly for information regarding your selection.


Would you like to do your doctoral thesis at UMONS?

Here are the steps you must now follow for your admission to UMONS...

  • STEP 1 : choose a host service and supervisor in from one of our faculties or schools

Make your choice according to the faculties and schools at UMONS, for which you can find a description by following the link below:

You can also get an idea of the main branches of research undertaken at UMONS by consulting the webpages of our research institutes.

  • STEP 2 : contact the service you wish to carry out your research in and follow the instructions of the Registration Office

Once you have the approval of the Registration Office, the thesis supervisor and the Dean of the faculty, you should then follow the necessary steps for doctoral admission for non-EU students, which can be found via the following link:

For any further questions, contact Didier Toussaint (