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I'm a student at UMONS

We need you !

What am I supposed to do ?

You agree to provide minimal support to the incoming student by, for example:

  • Contacting him/her by email before his/her arrival;

  • Welcoming him/her personally at the airport/train station;

  • Guiding him/her during the first weeks of his/her stay (e.g. helping him/her to find his/her way round the University and the town, assisting him/her with administrative procedures following the instructions of the Department of International Relations, explaining to him/her the noticeboards and class schedules);

  • Helping him/her establish contacts with students in Mons (e.g. by participating in student events);


And why not …

  • Integrate him/her in your group of friends;
  • Show him/her the nice places of Mons, where to go, what to do, etc.;
  • Help him/her discover Belgium (folklore, cuisine, Belgian beers, Belgian humour, etc.)



… Basically, encourage him/her to integrate into our big UMONS family and help make his/her stay in Belgium an unforgettable experience!


What do I gain from this experience ?

Sponsoring an international student, which means living a cultural and linguistic exchange is easily attained !

Some of you may have the opportunity to visit your buddy’s country of origin or even his/her university, which may come in handy if you want to do an Erasmus exchange in the future.

If you’re feeling adventurous

If you want to sponsor an international student, here’s how:

  • Contact us  by email:
  • You will receive an email asking you to complete an online registration form.
  • You will attend one of our information sessions (at the end of August/mid-September)