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Degree Certificates 

Extracts of the Decree of 7th November 2013 – provisions applicable from the academic year 2014-2015 for PhD degree certificates and degrees organised according to "Paysage" (the new decree on Higher Education in the French Community of Belgium) apply to all degree certificates awarded as of the academic year 2015-2016:

Degree certificates attesting to academic degrees due to successful completion of studies are awarded by examination boards consisting of academic authorities, that is to say examination boards from the French Community of Belgium.
They can only be awarded to students who have been duly proclaimed by the board, upon confirmation that the student has acquired the minimum number of credits, satisfied the conditions of the study programme and admission onto the desired course, and that the student has been duly registered.

If the student follows a joint degree programme organised by several institutions as part of a collaborative agreement for the organisation of joint degree programmes, the student is awarded one degree certificate signed by all parties concerned. When the agreement is concluded with one or more institutions outside of the French Community, the student may also be awarded degree certificates from these institutions.
If a student follows a joint degree programme, the degree certificate must state one of the academic degrees within this joint degree programme and is awarded in the French Community. If a student follows a degree programme organised by several partner institutions, the degree certificate is awarded in the French Community. The Degree Certificate Supplement that accompanies it will refer to these various institutions and will include other degree certificates awarded in this context.

Degree certificates are signed by an academic authority and by the president and secretary of the board.

Degree certificates attesting to academic degrees respect the form determined by the Government. They refer explicitly to the Degree Certificate Supplement that accompanies them.
The minimum information set by the Government appears on the degree certificate in French. In the case of a degree certificate for a joint degree programme or if all or part of the studies is organised in a different language, the degree certificate can be accompanied by a translation.

Degree certificates attesting to academic degrees are awarded together with a Degree Certificate Supplement including a list of the individual subjects within the study programme that the student has chosen to follow, as well as the conditions for admission onto the course and the details of the assessments sanctioned by the academic degree conferred.

The Degree Certificate Supplement is signed by the secretary of the board.
Each student's personal details can be annexed to this document.
The Degree Certificate Supplement respects the form and content set by the Government.
Whatever the conditions for awarding degree certificates, only one Degree Certificate Supplement is issued.