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European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS)

The study programmes of UMONS are calculated in credits, or ECTS (European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System). A credit corresponds to the workload required to achieve expected learning outcomes. The workload takes into account the time dedicated to lectures, seminars, projects, practicals, personal work and examinations.

In the French Community of Belgium:

  • One credit corresponds to a workload of approximately 30 hours
  • One year's full-time study corresponds to 60 credits.


Credits are granted when students successfully complete the coursework and tests. In the event of failure, the Board can, however, examine the details of the results and, after deliberation, decide that the student has passed the course and subsequently award the credits.

Within the framework of student mobility:

ECTS (European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System) was developed by the European Commission to guarantee the academic recognition of study periods spent abroad. This system makes it possible to quantify and compare the academic results of students and to transfer them from one institution to another.

The full recognition of studies pursued abroad is the compulsory condition for students taking part in a mobility programme (ERASMUS, ERASMUS Belgica or any other type of mobility where academic recognition is foreseen). Full academic recognition means that the study period spent abroad replaces a comparable study period the students would have had at their home institution.

One semester corresponds to 30 ECTS while one academic year represents 60 credits. To obtain the full credits assigned to courses, the student must complete and pass the coursework assignments by passing an exam or any other type of assessment (work placement reports, presentations, etc.). The student must also pass examinations or any other type of assessment at the host institution. Students are subject to the assessment regulations of the host institution.
The grades obtained abroad are transferred on a 20-point scale according to a conversion mode that is specific to each faculty.

Academic recognition is based on two key documents:

  • The Course Programme (or ECTS learning agreement): this document lists the courses the student plans to take abroad. To be approved, the Course Programme must be signed by the student, the University of Mons and the host institution.
  • A list of grades (or Transcript of Results): the host institution sends a list of grades for each student, either directly to UMONS, or to the student. In the latter case, the student must hand in the Transcript of Results to the International Office on receipt.


For further information on academic recognition, please consult the UMONS Study Regulations.