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Structure and organization

In a few words

Academic works are in two cycles. The first part gives, after three years of studies, the title of graduate in sciences of management. Then, the student has access to the cycle of master in sciences of management. He can choose either the master in one year (or 60 appropriations) or the master in two years (or 120 appropriations).

The student can choose to follow the programme of graduate in sciences of management to Mons or Charleroi.

Practical methods

The classes in Charleroi are organized in the building of Université of Mons (Boulevard Joseph II, 38-42). The time beaches are generally distributed the week (between 8:15 and 17:05). Classes can, exceptionally, proceed Saturday morning.

Organization of the programme

In this first cycle, Faculté Warocqué organizes three streams. The basic field is consisted the management sciences. It includes the trades of finance, marketing, management, the economy… as well as the tools of the manager like the right, the quantitative methods or the languages.

During the first year, the programme is common. It takes again well-rounded education in social sciences and the bases useful to all the streams.

In second year, the students choose between graduate in sciences of management and graduate engineer of management. Only the first of both is organized in Charleroi. The studies of graduate engineer of management are characterized in particular by the scientific connotation, in particular related to the preparation with the work of manager in industrial environment.

In third year, the students of the graduate in sciences of management can again choose between sciences of management and, therefore, continue the stream of the second year, or the economic scenes and of management. Only the 3rd graduate in sciences of management is organized in Charleroi. The economic scenes and of management are particularly intended to the future managers who wish to accompany training in management by a deepening by the theoretical bases by the economy and methods useful to their analysis.

And afterwards

The holders of the Bachelor's degree in sciences of management have access to various programmes of second cycle organized by Université of Mons:

  • 60 credits Master in Management;
  • 60 credits Master in Management/Part-Time;
  • 120 credits Master in Management;
  • 120 credits Master in Economic and Social Policy.