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Présentation des programmes de la FPSE à Charleroi 

Bachelor in Psychology and Education

Since its creation in 1965, the Faculty of psychology and education planned to open its doors to people wishing to pursue university studies without stopping their professional activities.

In September 1970, it created “Extended studies”. This allows working people to follow the two years of the first degree in psychopedagogical sciences, as the complete programme is distributed over three academic years.

In September 1978, the Faculty decentralizes its programs for adults returnings to education to Charleroi. Classes are organized on a part-time basis on the location of Caserne Tresignies, CUNIC. Diploma holders or degree holders of a higher education degee can, in certain cases, benefit from an undergraduate programme in reduced version and complete this within one year.

At the end of 1996, the University of Mons left the buildings of CUNIC. The Faculty of Psychology and education organizes the 1st cycle in Psychology and education in Charleroi in Boulevard Joseph II.

In accordance with the so-called "Bologna" decree (2004), the Faculty of psychology and education maintains its intention to offer the full first cycle studies in psychology and education on a part-time basis. It offers henceforth no longer the two years of first degree studies but the three years of the Bachelor's degree on a part-time basis. Diploma or degree holders coming from a higher education school can, if necessary, benefit from a personalized programme and complete this degree in two years.

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