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Information for registered students


Boulevard Joseph 38-40, 6000-Charleroi
Tel. 071-509581 (of 9:00 to 12:00 and 14:00 to 20:00 in week, 9:00 to 12:00 saturdays)
fax 071-700669

Faculty secretariat of Sciences:
Avenue du Champ de Mars 6,7000-Mons
Tel. 065-373301 (of 8:00 to 16:00)
fax 065-373318

Persons in charge of Masters:
UMONS - Véronique Bruyère
UMONS - Jef Wijsen
ULB - Olivier Markowitch


For a course, the threshold of success is 10/20. A student should not present himself any more in 2nd session with the examinations of a course for which he/she obtained a mark at least equal to 10/20 (carryforward of session). Within a programme of studies, he/she should not sit for examinations in a course for which he/she obtained a mark of at least 12/20 during the five previous academic years (five years carryforward). Repeaters must sit for all examinations for which a mark less than 12/20 was obtained.

A student who obtained a mark of at least 10/20 for each course and an average of at least 12/20, has qualified, i.e. has completed his year of studies successfully. If it is not the case, the pannel decides after deliberation on his approval or adjournment.

For more details, see chapter III.3 of Examination rules.

3. Classes of reading and scientific drafting as a Preparatory year in Master

Very studying of the preparatory year in Master in computer sciences knowledge of directing Document in connection with the classes of reading and scientific drafting is supposed to have taken.


The dates of examination and defenses (classes of scientific reading and writing and memoires) are selected in the academic year in progress, during the exam sessions.

The academic year begins on September 15th and finishes on September 14th of the following year (article 22 of Règlement of the studies).


The deadline of registration is on September 30th. A student not registered regularly is excluded from classes and cannot sit for examinations (article 18 of Règlement of the studies).


Any student is supposed to have taken notice of the Rules and Regulations Examination rules.

These payments are envisaged by the “Bologna Decree”, new decree on studies of March 31st, 2004, published in the Belgian Moniteur of June 18th, 2004. The “Arrêté Passerelles” fixing access terms for studies at the university for holders of a non-university degree was published in the Belgian Moniteur of September 5th, 2006.


When registered, a student make a request for precredits.

The preparatory year being imposed by the “Arrêté Passerelles”, a maximum of 15 precredits can be granted to students taken into account by this decree for their admission.

A legal test is organized for classes of English. This compulsory test is organized in every year of studies. A student who passes this test can present examinations for English courses.

8. Staggered studies

When registering, before October 1st, a student can request the staggering of a studies year. He must enrol at the beginning of each year of staggered studies (the costs are reduced the 2nd year of the staggered studies). For more details, to see chapter IX of Studies Rules and Regulations.

Staggered studies are especially advised to students of Master's programmes who have an important workload, of which an important part is devoted to writing the end of studies work.

9. Master Thesis

Every student of the Master's programme is liable to take notice of the Regulations document in connection with the Master thesis).
An infrmation meeting on the thesis is organized by C. Hernalsteen.

10. Repeating thrice

A student wishing to triple one year of studies must make a written request to the Rector (a form of request is available at the Office). Repeating three times can be refused by the Rector for financing reasons (article 17 of the Studies Rules and Regulations).

11. Notice boards

Any useful information for students is published on the notice boards. Hence students are liable to consult these boards regularly. 

Students are invited to use the system of electronic notice boards, which makes it possible to be informed by email of information displayed on the noticeboards.