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Structure and organization

In a few words

Faculté of sciences of Université of Mons and the Universit3e libre de Bruxelles organize with part-time a master in computer sciences and the preparatory year there driving. The UMONS deals with the practical organization of these two years of studies.

One preparatory year comprises maximum 60 appropriations. The success of this one opens the access to the master corresponding, within the same university. One preparatory year is considered, from certain points of view, as rewashing first cycle but is not certifying.

The programmes of master can last one one or two years, respectively constituting 60 or 120 appropriations. The cycle suggested with part-time is a master in one year, or 60 appropriations.

The master in computer sciences is an university course intended for motivated adults, carrying a diploma of university education or being able to put forward an personal experience and/or professional important and relevant in the data-processing field. It aims to enable them to play a driving role for the integration of new technologies in their work environment or to possibly reorientate their career towards a carrying field: IT manager of a technical service or administrative, designer of computer systems, network driver, responsible WEB-BASED…

Practical methods

The classes with part-time are organized on the location of Charleroi (Boulevard Joseph II, 38-42). The possible time beaches are the following ones:

- the week: 18:00 with 21:00;
- saturdays: 9:30 with 12:30.

The weekly timetable includes/understands three or four meetings of classes.

Organization of the programme

The course delivered with part-time is a course of full exercise. The professors and teachers come at the same time from the UMONS and the ULB.

The studies are structured into three subdivisions: formal training, practical works intended to illustrate and “set” the theoretical concepts, personal work. In addition to the theoretical knowledge that is needed, this programme is intended to give students know-how and enable them to grow professionally.