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Engineer in Computer and Management Sciences

This education is addressed to adults inserted in the professional life, already graduates of the university education or higher and who wish to acquire the essential skills in Data processing-Organization-Gestion in all the lines of business.

The Faculty of Engineering of Mons is unique in Belgium, as it awards a degree in engineering which cumulates the triple capacity of computerization-organization and management.

Education is gauged for the engineers in activity. Programmes and timetables are arranged and adapted in order to reconcile education, professional life and personal life.

Organization of the programme

Education is structured in 5 modules:

  • M0: a module of tailored curriculum (15 appropriations)
  • M1: a module of specialization in Economic management and Applied Mathematics (35 appropriations)
  • M2: a module of specialization in Computer science and Industrial data processing (35 appropriations)
  • M3: a module of Compléments (29 appropriations)
  • M4: the TFE, master thesis (21 appropriations)


The TFE aims to study and solve a problem, generally in matter corporate and relating to the taught concepts.

Education is gauged for adults in activity.

The usual timetable of the lesson of the modules M0, M1 and m2 is:

  • Tuesday of 18:00 to 21:00
  • Thursday of 18:00 to 21:00
  • Saturdays of 9:00 to 13:00


The cycle of two years course starts mid-September. The timetable is envisaged so that a student can follow simultaneously the module of tailored curriculum (M0) and one of the modules of specialization (M1 or m2). Generally, it is also possible to follow the lesson of module 3, which proceeds during additional evenings with the timetable above or in days. 

Admission requirements

This training of “Master in Computer Engineering and Management” is accessible to the Engineering technology graduates, like with the holders of a university diploma of second cycle in the scientific disciplines or of management (for example, Licenciés or Masters in Sciences, Civil engineers, Ingénieurs agronomists,…). However, the students who do not have a title of engineer, industrial, or agronomist will generally see imposing a preparatory year on the second cycle (maximum 60 appropriations), beginning again, in the course of the day, of the lesson characteristic of the training of engineer.

The candidates must transmit to the Dean of the Faculty, for mid-September, their application accompanied by curriculum vitae, programme of the lesson which they followed and of a certified copy of their diploma.

Characteristics of the programme: Precredits by the APEL

The validation of the acquired experiences of experiment (APEL) is an access mode to academic works lying within the scope of the decree says “Bologna” (Art 60,61,62).

The track records and personal acquired apart from the studies can be taken into account to reach a programme of studies or to be exempted certain classes.

The APEL for the Precredits aims to release the candidate of parts of the programme of studies.  This can lead to a reduction in the duration of the studies. 

On the basis of their track records or personal, the students can be exempted totality or of part of the module of Compléments (m3).

Program & complete information

 Consult our booklet 

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