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Assimilation Criteria 2016-2017 (Provisionary)

These criteria are communicated for information purposes and may be subject to change.

Students from non-member countries of the European Union must pay supplementary tuition fees. They may be exempt from such fees if they meet assimilation criteria defined by law.

Proving assimilation can be done so by bringing the following documents with you when you register at the Registration Office. They must be originals or certified exact copies dated in 2016.


Assimilation Criteria

Documents required – these documents must be attached to your dossier if you have ticked one of the assimilation criteria:

          You have been granted residency or are recognised as a long term resident

Residence card 'C' (ID card issued to foreigners giving unlimited residency in Belgium)

Residence card 'D' (ID card issued to long term residents) 

          EITHER you are a refugee, are a refugee candidate, are stateless or have subsidiary protection status OR you have submitted a request to be given asylum or subsidiary protection status or a request to be considered stateless, but this request is still pending decision, or is subject to appeal. All claims will be considered until the final decision is made.

If you have refugee status

-           Card 'B' on which the refugee status is indicated on the reverse of the cards

If you are stateless

-           Official document from the local commune or  the Immigration Office proving your stateless status

If you have subsidiary protection status

-           Card 'A' or 'B' (certificate of registration on the immigration register) + decision from the Immigration Office attesting to the fact you benefit from subsidiary protection status (unlike those with refugee status, subsidiary protection status is not indicated on the reverse of the certificate of registration)

If you are an asylum seeker

-           Annex 26 and/or document attesting to request for asylum/subsidiary protection status/stateless person status which has not been rejected and, in case of appeal, copy of the document proving an appeal has been launched (a solicitor’s letter, registration for a 'carte orange', etc.)

¨  You are allowed to stay in Belgium for more than 3 months and earn an income from a professional activity or from income support (the professional activity must have been active for 6 of the last 12 months prior to registration, and the amount of salary must correspond to half of the average monthly salary set by the National Labour Council (Conseil national du Travail – CNT)

Residence permit valid for more than 3 months

Professional activity: Proof of employment or employment contract

Income support: proof of unemployment benefit, pension, social integration benefit or equivalent benefits from the CPAS, etc.

    You are supported by the Public Centre for Social Welfare (CPAS) and live in CPAS housing or housing appointed by the CPAS

Recently issued attestation from the CPAS


          Your mother, father or legal guardian or legal cohabitant is a EU member state national or fulfills one of the criteria in points 1 to 4 above

ID card or documentation cites in points 1 to 4 above for your mother, father, legal guardian, spouse or legal cohabitant + official documentation providing proof of their relationship to you

Proof of relationship documentation: Your household declaration, or if you do not live at the same address as your parents, you birth certificate  + mother or father's ID card

         You are a grant-holder (CFWB-CDVLP)  in accordance with article 105 §2 of the “Paysage” Decree of the 7th November 2013

Proof of grant (CUD, CTB, etc.)