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Belgian Students - Personalised Admissions 2016-2017

On this page you will find information on the UMONS admissions process:

1)  If you are about to obtain your Higher Secondary School Certificate (C.E.S.S.) and wish to register for the 1st year of a Bachelor’s degree, you should contact the Registration Office directly.

2)  If you have a qualification from the Flemish or German community, the conditions of access are the same as for students from the French Community, but you will have to take the French Language Proficiency Test.

3)  If you do not have any of the above mentioned qualifications you can still be admitted to the university to study towards a Bachelor’s degree providing you pass the entrance exam

4)  If you have a degree from another Belgian university, Higher Education Institution, or are about to obtain one.

University Qualifications

·         A Bachelor’s degree in a particular field gives students direct access to a Master’s in the same field. If you wish to do this you should contact the Registration Office directly.

·         There is the possibility for students to study for a Master’s in a different field to that of their Bachelor’s degree. Should you wish to do this, you must complete the Personalised Admission form below

·         Finally, if you already have a Master’s degree, you can go on to study towards a specialised Master’s degree or a PhD.


Qualifications from Higher Education Institutions

Students who have a non-university qualification and who wish to register for the 2016-2017 academic year must complete the “passerelles” form (passerelle refers to the programme of credits taken by a student when their original qualification does not cover the prerequisites skills and knowledge for the Master’s).  

This document allows the admissions board to assess the student’s previous experience in order to set out their academic programme. As such, a complementary programme of a maximum of 60 credits may be added to a student’s Master’s programme.

UMONS offers several possible “passerelles” for those wishing to study towards a Master’s.

Follow this link in order to see details of these passerelles.

Students needing to follow this procedure must go directly to the Registration Office with the following documents:

·         Their completed “passerelle” form. This form can be found below.

·         A form of identification.

·         A medical certificate attesting that the student is fit to study

·         Their diplomas/certificates.

·         Their transcripts of results for each year of study, including failed years (if any).

·         Proof of scholastic or professional activities for the five years prior to registration, unless their most recent certificate covers this.

·         An official document confirming that the student has no outstanding debt to their Higher Education Institution in the French Community of Belgium for the 2015-2016 academic year. 

All documents must be originals.

b) For any other diploma obtained from a Higher Education Institution, please complete the personalised admission form found below.

5)  If you have a degree from a foreign university, or Higher Education Institution, or are about to obtain one:

please complete the personalised admission form found below. 

Please note: Students wanting to apply to the UMONS Law School must apply via the ULB admissions system. In order to do this, they can sign in to the following page: 

Personalised Admission

Passerelles file