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Late Re-Registration Requests (as authorised by the Rector)

Any late re-registration requests must be completed between the 1st and 15th October 2016.

In accordance with the UMONS Study Regulations for the 2016-2017 academic year, and more specifically Article 17 of these regulations, the re-registration period ends on the 30th September 2016. Between the 1st and 15th October re-registration requests can be submitted with authorisation from the Rector. Requests will not be accepted after this date.

Procedure: The first page of the form (found below) must be completed and signed by the student. The form must then be sent by post to the Registration Office to arrive between the 1st and the 15th October 2016. The requesting student must annex all documents necessary to their dossier. There must be justification for requesting late re-registration. The appropriate Faculty Dean will then inform the Rector and give their opinion. The Rector’s Office will inform the student of the final decision by post.

If the request is accepted, they must go to the Registration Office in order to finalise their registration.

Non-financeable students can also register or re-register with authorisation from the Rector.

Requests must be completed by the 15th October 2016 at the latest.

In accordance with the higher education decree of the 7th November 2013, Article 96 paragraph 1, the academic authorities can, according to the procedure set out in the Study Regulations, reject the registration/re-registration of a student if:

·         the course the student wishes to study is not financeable  

·         the student is non-financeable.


The students concerned can, however, submit a registration/re-registration request which will be submitted for authorisation by the Rector.

This request is necessary for:

·         new, non-finaceable Belgian, EU and assimilated non-EU students

·         non-financeable students who have previously been registered at the university (Belgian, EU, and non-EU)

who would like to re-register at the university.

Procedure: the below form must be completed and signed by the student.  

The request must be handed in at the Registration Office, and from there it will be transferred to the appropriate faculty and then to the Rector. The Rector will examine the student’s file and make an informed decision.

If their request for registration/re-registration is rejected the student will be informed by e-mail or by recorded delivery once the finalised file has been reviewed. The file is considered finalised once it is handed in, in person, to the Registration Office with all the necessary documents.

No requests can be accepted between the 15th July and the 15th August.

If the request is accepted, the student must go to the Registration Office in order to finalise their registration.

Late Re-Registration Application form

Registration and Re-registration Request form for non-financable students

This document will be updated at the end of August for 2016-2017 requests.