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Who are we?

Sports and physical activity can positively contribute to achievement and success in education. It can be an opportunity to let off steam after a day of classes, get to know other students or even participate in university life. 

UMONS-Sport is a sports club mostly managed by students. Whether you are an accomplished athlete or an amateur, UMONS offers activities for everyone and for all tastes. UMONS-Sport organises many weekly activities ranging from badminton to Zumba, through to climbing and jogging. These sessions are open to UMONS members with one-off membership payment of 10 euros (A UMONS-sports card can be purchased from the  Culture and Sports Unit or from the activity leaders themselves). Activities take place in sports clubs in the region or in the sports hall on the Plaine de Nimy campus.

UMONS students can also participate in the University Championships, on an individual basis or as a team, established by the Association Sportive de l’Enseignement Universitaire et Supérieur (ASEUS). Some students have even been selected to represent Belgium in international university competitions.

If you have any questions, you can email us at 

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