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Interlibrary Loan

Interlibrary loan (PIB) is a paying service that provides research documents not available at UMONS.

Books, theses and reports received from exterior libraries are then accessible for 15 days. Articles are sent to the reader.

ariffs for copying and taking out loans vary depending on their origin.

Integrated into the IMPALA loans network, the UMONS libraries are responsible for providing all documents available at UMONS to libraries and information centres in the network. Other Belgian libraries and foreign libraries can request copies of articles or book loans at their convenience.


  • Library of the Faculty of Engineering (FPMs):
  • Libraries of Linguistics, the Faculty of Science (FS) and the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy (FMP):
  • Central Library and the Library of  Human Sciences: 

  • Photocopies

    A photocopier that can only be operated by card is available to readers in all UMONS libraries.

    On-site Consultation

    Collections of books and journals are freely available. The works of reserves and archives are available to readers on request.


    Home Loans

    The UMONS libraries allow their readers to borrow different types of works.

    Home loans are subject to the possession of a personal and non-transferable access card A photocopier managed by chart is availability of the readers in each library of the UMONSThe libraries of UMONS allow their readers to borrow various types of works.

    This home loan is subjected to the detention of a personal and inalienable access card.

    Training in Research Methodology

    The UMONS libraries
    offer training sessions for UMONS students.

    Organised in collaboration with teachers who request such training, these sessions are designed to teach the students the basics of research methodology and get them acquainted with the research tools available at UMONS (library catalogue and electronic resources). These training sessions are carried out in small groups, with a maximum of 20 participants in each.

    Lasting approximately 90 minutes, these sessions are divided into 3 parts:

    1. Research Methodology: "theoretical" part (definitions, how to carry out relevant research and evaluate sources and results, rules for writing a bibliography)
    2. Introduction to Research:
    - Catalogue VubisSmart: Bachelor level (search by author index, keywords, title, etc.)
    - Electronic resources (databases, e-journals, e-books) Bachelor and Master level.
    3. Practical exercises in the library (Bachelor level) or in the computer labs for training on databases.

    Contact: (Tel. 065 373065)