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1) For the diversity of its studies

With its seven Faculties and two Schools, UMONS offers educational programmes in many fields:

UMONS is a place where you can achieve a Bachelor's, a Master’s or a PhD. There are more than 40 courses to choose from, all leading to countless career prospects.

UMONS is also a founding member of the Pôle Hainuyer (AUWB), which groups together several higher education institutions in the province of Hainaut. Combined, the partners in this consortium offer a range of 250 degree programmes that allow crossovers between different institutions.

UMONS is also a member of the Académie Universitaire Wallonie-Bruxelles (AUWB)along with the Université libre de Bruxelles (ULB). Thanks to preferential agreements between members, additional training programmes can offer more than what each participating institution is able to offer individually.


2) For its exceptional student-to-faculty ratio

With its many teachers, researchers, scientists, administrative agents and technicians, accounting for a population of 5000 students, UMONS has a student-to-faculty ratio that considers the human factor. Throughout your time at UMONS, you benefit from privileged contact with teachers. You are welcomed at the beginning of the year by a friendly and dynamic team whose aim is to facilitate your integration as much as possible.

Every effort is made to make your transition between secondary school and university as smooth as possible. Remedial courses, tutorial advice, monitoring, seminars to improve work methods, etc.: you can benefit from a wide range of student support measures.

UMONS has also set up a quality management system to obtain ISO 9001:2000 certification for its administrative services.

The Warocqué School of Business and Economics has had this label since January 2003. Within this framework, students are frequently consulted on the planning of study programmes, examination schedules, organisational changes, etc. 



3) For its location

UMONS is ideally located in the heart of Europe, in the south of Belgium, close to the French border, in Brussels and Paris.


It is headquartered in Mons, a town of nearly 100,000 inhabitants, 60 km from Brussels and Lille and 240 km from Paris. It is easy to reach by the E19 motorway or by train (the railway station has a high-speed rail connection). 

For thirty years, UMONS has had a site in Charleroi, 50 km from here. Charleroi is a major city in Hainaut, with 200,000 inhabitants and its own airport. The UMONS campus in located in the centre of Charleroi. As well as day classes, Charleroi also offers  evening and weekend classes.


4) For its living environment

Whether you choose private accommodation or one of the university's halls of residence, you will quickly realise that Mons is a very lively student town. Something is always  happening there and one in three people in the town centre is a university student.

The UMONS buildings can be found throughout the historical heart of the city, forming a real urban campus.  Mons has already been the European Capital of Culture in 2015. Cultural events, such as plays, exhibitions, concerts, among others, highlight the town's cultural heritage.

Mons is also a city where you can have a lot of fun. Each year, the week after Whit Sunday, the city celebrates the Doudou, (declared Intangible Cultural Heritage by UNESCO), which draws tens of thousands of visitors and tourists.

The Mons football and basketball teams play in the national D1 league.  Besides sports, Mons has countless places where you can go out.  Hundreds of cafés and restaurants are to be found, not to mention a cinema in the town centre and a 12-screen multiplex in the outskirts of the city.

At UMONS you can also practise sports and register with various inter-university teams dedicated to rugby, water polo, volleyball, basketball, tennis, outdoor and indoor football, athletics or swimming.

UMONS also holds the Coupe du Mons. It is the number one football competition for higher education institutions in Belgium. There are more than 1000 players, including some who come from abroad for this special occasion!

UMONS has its own radio station (broadcasting 8 hours a day on 106.9 MHz FM and as a livestream over the Internet). Many student associations hold events throughout the academic year to help you really get immersed in student life.


5) For its openness to the world

UMONS has more than 5000 students and researchers from over forty different nationalities. The University is involved in numerous scientific collaborations across the globe.

UMONS also encourages the mobility of its own students and researchers through various European programmes such as ERASMUS. 230 international partnerships with more than 50 countries distributed over 5 continents have been established to date.


6) For the excellence of its research

UMONS has 80 research units and two centres for excellence: Materia NOVA specialises in novel materials  while Multitel specialises in telecommunications.

It is also implicated in several spin-offs and startups, which are mostly located at the Initialis Science Park, just outside the city. Several hundred researchers are enthusiastically devoted to their field, whether they are young graduates who are just starting a PhD programme or or senior professors who lead a multidisciplinary team.

The University has many established partnerships with public and private agencies, both in Belgium and abroad, to promote the exchange of ideas and to ensure the competitiveness of its research.

UMONS is also committed to developing collaborations with other universities and research centres nationally and internationally to ensure increasingly competitive scientific production. Thanks to its research activities and to the close ties that it continues to cultivate with industry, UMONS also actively contributes to the socio-economic development of its region.