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Reviews and publications



Les éditions Universitaires de Mons

Cahiers internationaux du symbolisme


Collection “Croisements”

"Cahiers internationaux du symbolisme" were created in 1962. The goal of the "Cahiers" is to study the symbol as an interdisciplinary problem, to elucidate the nature of its relationships to exact sciences, social sciences, tradition, art and religions.


The collection "Croisements" publishes texts which consider a question, a concept or a set of themes under various angles and within various disciplines. Its goal is not only to contribute to the dialogue between different disciplines, but also make natural science or mathematics discuss with social sciences, arts or philosophy.

La matière et l'Esprit

  Collection “Approches”

"La matière et l'esprit" is an interdisciplinary review launched under the patronage of the University of Mons. It publishes works dealing with philosophy as well as reflections relating to human questions in the field of scientific disciplines. It regards itself as a crossing-point between disciplines and a place for debate around specific sets of themes.


The Approches collection offers its readers instruments to attain knowledge by themselves, starting from simple studies: reading texts without having to read commentators, deciphering works without need of having thm explained, etc



On-line reviews

Interdisciplinary review of moral and political philosophy - Launched in 1965, "Réseaux" aims at tackling axiologic issues by constantly confronting human experience gained in a variety of fields.



  Education et Formation

Interdisciplinary review aiming at publishing scientific articles, research reports or reflections relating to observable demonstrations of language.


"Education et Formation" is a French-speaking scientific magazine which makes a point of establishing a link between, on the one hand, reflections carried out in various contexts of education and training and practitioners in these fields, on the other hand.