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Department for Research Support and Technology Transfer

The Department for Research Support and Technology Transfer (AVRE) is composed of 11 people who put their expertise at the service of researchers and companies. From the calls for tender to the technology transfers, including the building of the project and the protection of research results, the technology transfer team of Mons can draw from its various and complementary skills.

AVRE INFO - Notice for BA2 and BA3 students of the Engineering Faculty : newcomer jobs to get involved in research (registration by 3/15/2010)(registration by 3/15/2010)

  Two years ago the Research Commission of the Faculty of Engineering decided to allot grants for introduction jobs to research available for selected students of BA2 and BA3:

  • They are reserved for brilliant students who proved able to collaborate on research work pursued by a laboratory of the Faculty of Engineering.
  • The grant amounts to €1300.
  • All grants will not be automatically allotted.


Please find the list of student jobs in the file to download (link below). In any case, if a student is interested in a research cluster and wishes to hand in a subject, he/she can directly contact the person in charge of the cluster.

List of student jobs 2010

How to apply (before the 3/15/2010)

  • The student must hand in his/her request (name, first name, year of registration in 2009-2010, grades obtained in previous years) to the contact person of the research cluster in which the introduction job is listed.


Materials cluster:
Marc Poorteman (

Media technologies cluster:
Stephan Dupont (

Risks cluster:
Lahcen El Hiki (

BioSys cluster:
Alexandru Stancu (

Energy cluster:
Enrico Tam (

  • If the student has questions concerning the job directly, he can contact the person of reference mentioned in the job list of the attached file.


For any further question, feel free to contact AVRE (


AVRE INFO - New provisions from FNRS

New provisions from FNRS are now in effect regarding the preparation of application files for subsidies and mandates. Further modifications came into effect in mid-December.


1. For the mandates of Research fellow, postdoctoral researcher, of Research associate, M.I.S. - Mobilité Ulysse, Clinician-Researcher Doctoral candidate:

Application forms will be available in electronic version as from January 11th, 2010 on the website . Please be reminded that a new electronic management platform for project calls (application SEMAPHORE) has been installed this year.  The eligibility conditions, selection procedure, as well as assessment tests were also modified this year.

  • For each request, a hard copy of the file must be submitted to the Division of administration of research and technology transfer by February 24th, 17:00 at the latest. The advantage of the procedure is in particular the centralization of requests by the administration division which makes, if necessary, suggestions for potential improvements.


  • Forms must then be submitted by the candidate in electronic form up until the following dates at the latest :
    O Research Associate (CQ), Senior research associate (MR.), Research director (DR): March 1st, 2010
    O Postdoctoral Researcher (CR), Postdoctoral Researcher 4th year (CR 4): March 3rd, 2010
    O Research fellow, Research fellow renewal (ASPR*), Clinician-Researcher Doctoral candidate, Clinician-Researcher Doctoral candidate renewal*: March 5th, 2010
    O Special PhD fellowship *, M.I.S. - Mobilité Ulysse (MIS-U) *, M.I.S. - Mobilité Ulysse renewal (MIS-UR)

* March 12th, 2010  

* Paper applications only will be processed

  • The candidate's file must then be validated by the academic supervisor and the Rector by March 12th 14:00 at the latest.


2. For mandate applications and Télévie projects, the deadline is on March 15th.

3. Applications for FRFC, FRSM, IISN, research credits, young investigator research grants (Mandats d' Impulsion Scientifique), temporary postdoctoral researcher, specialist researcher-clinician must be submitted up until June 15th, 2010.

4. To submit requests for large equipment (threshold to be defined) and infrastructures, the deadline is September 15th, 2010.

You will find a comprehensive calendar featuring deadlines for requesting grants, mandates and associated funds, as well as the new eligibility requirements, selection procedures and assessment tests, on the F.R.S.- FNRS website, or in the guide attached (also available from ).

Download the PDF document here


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