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Activities of the Administration Division of research and technology transfer


AVRE is in charge of the administration of research and technology transfer projects at UMONS. Therefore it has many tasks to carry out.

First of all, we distribute, in a targeted way, calls for tender from various authorities (Walloon Region, European Union, etc). In accordance with these offers, we take part, along with the researchers, in the financial arrangement and the project tender. Support is provided for the development of the budget, for contact with the fund donors or for the technology transfer process.

If the project is refused, we analyse the reasons for this and then think of the best way of submitting a new proposal. Once the project is accepted, we continue the compliance process for the draft document (financing, consortium, etc) and ensure support for the launch of the project.

The project is followed throughout its entire duration. We carry out all possible modifications (amendments, new partnerships, etc), remind people of deadlines and identify the results which may be valued. We thus maintain regular contact with the thesis supervisor(s), take part in the follow-up committees and organise meetings with the researchers on a regular basis.

Once the results have been identified, their protection is ensured. We carry out a preliminary state-of-the-art search, to fill out a declaration of invention in due course. Various actions can then be carried out in terms of intellectual property, from the development of an agreement allocating shared ownership of patent rights, to the follow-up of the procedures and the management of the patent portfolio, as well as the submission of requests for meeting the costs from the Government of the Walloon Region or finally establishing contact with a patent agent.

The transfer of results can take two forms: the founding of a spin-off or the granting of an operating licence to a company. In any case, we ensure constant support, in terms of negotiation as well as in terms of financial assessment and legal support.

Moreover we assume many subsidiary tasks such as awareness raising amongst researchers and companies, communicating the university's research activities, assigning delegates within networks, political authorities, committees and administration boards, as well as ensuring daily management, in particular the management of agreements and patent databases and portfolios.