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Mailing lists - instructions for use

Management of subscriptions to the themed mailing lists of the AVRE (access only on the UMONS Intranet).

The UMONS Division of administration of research and technology transfer (AVRE) was recently granted new financial means allowing researchers, academic supervisors and professors to obtain new funds for their research..

Within this framework, we use a process of monitoring and of diffusing calls for tender and useful information concerning the various finance programmes for research (on the national and international level).

To the extent that it is possible, this diffusion is done in a way targeted towards the researchers and professors directly concerned with the subjects. This targeting process does not claim to be perfect, and it is up to you to specify it.

You can indeed subscribe to a "AVRE mailing list" and define your research profile, by selecting the topics that are of interest to you. We have defined a series of themed mailing lists, where you only have to "check" those items of interest to you.

The lists are based on the topics of the European framework programme, to which topics resulting from other research programmes were added, in particular Walloon clusters of competitiveness. Of course, absolute precision cannot be claimed: the topics are broadly defined: the topics are rather broadly defined. The "GEN" list (for general information) relates to all non-themed information. The following topics are currently available.

Abbreviations Mailing list topics
HEALTH Health, life science cluster
FAB Food, agriculture, biotechnologies, agro-industry cluster
ICT Communication and information technologies
NMP Nanosciences, nanothechnologies, materials and production technologies, Mecatech cluster
ENERG Energy
ENV Environment
TPT Transport, aeronautics, logistics, aerospace cluster, transport and logistics cluster
SSH Economics, social and human sciences
SEC Safety and Security
SPACE Space, aerospace cluster
Atom Euratom, atomic Research
GEN Research financing in general, non specific topics (including Marie Curie, CGRI co-operation programmes, etc.)
SIS Sciences-societal relations
COOP Development cooperation
EDU Pedagogy, education sciences
Chim Chemistry
PHYS Physics
BIO Biology

If you are a member of UMONS and have a "GIRH" login, you can subscribe and/or define your profile via the application Gestion des abonnements

If you do not belong to UMONS, contact Barbara Marchi, of AVRE ( who will register you himself.

Lists are a priori accessible to all those who are interested in this information.