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Government of the Walloon Region

DG06 Calls and mobilizing programmes

The Directorate General Operational for Economy, Employment, Training and Research of the Walloon Public Service (WPS) prepares and implements the R & D policies and programmes of the Walloon Region, and is co-financed by the European Union. It proceeds by calls to proposals.

Through the mobilizing programmes, the Region pursues two objectives:

  • the reinforcement of the scientific potential of its universities and its higher education institutions;
  • the development of this potential in Wallonia’s industrial fabric.


These mobilizing programmes target three main research areas:

  • health (WALEO programme )
  • information technologies (WIST programme )
  • materials (WINNOMAT programme ).


These programmes are implemented on the basis of calls for proposals.

These programmes support projects with an industrial application, i.e. likely to lead to the exploitation of results in existing companies or to create and emphasise interdisciplinary collaboration between research teams.

Research projects within the framework of poles of competitiveness of the Walloon Region

The creation of Poles of competitiveness, which unite all the private and public actors involved in a specific sector, is one of the measures included in the Marshall plan which was launched at the end of 2005 by the Walloon Government. A budget has been allocated to finance research programmes carried out jointly by research centers (which include universities) and companies.

The five Poles of competitiveness are:

Biowin: Life sciences
Wagralim: Agricultural processing industries
Skywin: Aeronautics and Space
Mecatech: Mechanical engineering
Logistics in Wallonia: Logistics in Wallonia: Logistics

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