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Upgraded information:



In accordance with the policy adopted within the framework of fusion, the central IT Services of FPMs is carried on the level of Université of Mons. All the IT Services currently used in FPMs is or will be quickly available to the UMONS. An important part of the transition from one system to the other is planned for the weekend of June 19th: the displacement of the documents and the emails.

The migration is thus the operation of displacement of the data (documents and malls) and of the uses since the IT Services and the servers of FPMs towards the IT Services and the servers of the UMONS.

You will find on this location the relative informations with the various adaptations to be carried out following this migration, this according to your use of the resources. A space “questions already put” is also placed at your disposal. The team of the Computer center implements all so that this migration is most transparent possible for the utiisateurs.

Before June 19th, 13:

1. To carry out a filing and cleaning in your box email and your documents.

2. To obtain your new password UMONS

Your current password associated with your number UMONS (parameters of access UMONS) will not be usable any more at the beginning of the migration (June 19th, 13: 00). A new password is allotted to you. It will be functional as of on Monday, June 21, 8: 00.


3. According to your uses, you to inform on the specific operations, low Cfr of this page.

From the June 21st, 08:


Two situations of migration can be distinguished: users of a machine integrated into the field of management of the fpms (FPMs-Network) and users of a not integrated machine.
In the first case, you use your access code FPMs-Network (the username is composed of your family name and the first letter of your first name) to open a session on your machine and to reach your office automation work environment.
In the second case, you use the IT Services of FPMs starting from a machine that you with yourself installed, or a member of your service. You “then consume” the central IT Services by a series of configurations.
It is necessary moreover consider that these situations are not mutually exclusive. Indeed, a user of an integrated machine can also be a user of a not integrated machine, mainly in the scenarios of remote access in this case (remote office, web mail,…).

The case of the use of an integrated machine is simple: you use your access codes fpms-network until the Saturday the 19th, 13:00; you use your access code UMONS as of the Monday the 21st in the morning. Your file “my documents” contains your documents, you launch Outlook and after the three clicks of the unattended setup, you reach your email. Additional elements must be considered with regard to the access to reader Z or the reader T for example. Information is provided below.

In the case of the use of a machine not integrated and accesses at distances, adaptations must be brought. It can be a question of a simple change of address Internet (to use instead of for the access to the web mail) or of more technical modifications in the case of the configuration of an email software. 

If you use a connection VPN, your session UMONS has a new connection VPN towards the server of the UMONS. It is préconfigurée and it only remains you to use it.

If you use the remote office on the server “”, you continue to use it (the equivalent service let us umons is not yet available), but by using your parameters UMONS.

If you utiliez the instant messaging, the service is not yet available in the UMONS.

If you use the web mail, the address to be used is

The various identified uses are mentioned below with the changes which are associated for them.