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Anne Deprez


Master’s Graduate and Teacher of Archaeology and the History of Art (UCL)
Senior Research and Teaching Associate

Publications via the University’s institutional repository

After completing a thesis on project design in American architecture with L. Fr. Genicot and Ph. Samyn, Anne Deprez now works with the architects Th. Baneton and P. Petit.
In Italy, she contributes to the development of the Chianti Heritage (Agenzia Per il .Turismo) and the promotion of a dance theatre (Compagnia Xe).
In Belgium, she teaches the history of art, architecture, furniture and intangible heritage in Brussels (St-Luc ESA, Tour Guides) and Gembloux (Landscape Architecture).
She has taught at the FA+U since 2008. Her transdisciplinary research covers architectural sites, heritage enhancement through augmented reality and the comfort in private architecture.
For the Mons 2015 Foundation, she collaborated on the projects "Hypergothique", "Ouvrir les Murs" and "Du Broeucq”.