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Courses (all taught in French)

A-ARSO-001 History and Theories of Architecture and Urban Planning I, A. DEPREZ, 2ECTS
A-ARSO-011 Analysis of Architecture and Contemporary Arts, A. DEPREZ, 2ECTS
A-ARSO-002 History and Theories of Architecture and Urban Planning II, A. DEPREZ, 2ECTS
A-ARSO-102 Philosophy I – Introduction, V. TROVATO, 2ECTS
A-ARSO-202 Sociology I - Sociology of Art, J. VANDEWATTYNE, 2ECTS
A-ARSO-003 History and Theories of Architecture and Urban Planning III, A. DEPREZ, 2ECTS
A-ARSO-203 Sociology II - Urban Sociology and Habitat Programming, J-A. POULEUR, 5ECTS
A-ARSO-014 Contemporary Architecture, L. BOLLEN, A. DEPREZ, 2ECTS
A-ARSO-024 Contemporary Art in Urban and Natural Landscapes, A. DEPREZ, 3ECTS
A-ARSO-104 Philosophy II - Philosophical Esthetics, V. TROVATO, 3ECTS
A-ARSO-204 Sociology III - Urban and Habitat Sociology,  P.CORNUT, 2ECTS
A-ARSO-404 Introduction to Research Methodology for Master Thesis in Architecture and Urban Planning, J-A. POULEUR, 2ECTS
A-ARSO-505 Cities and Society, J-A. POULEUR, 2ECTS
A-ARSO-605 Building Legislation, F. BOON, 2ECTS
A-ARSO-705 Economy and Sustainable Development, V. BECUE, 2ECTS
A-ARSO-505 Architecture and Society, Not presently assigned, 6ECTS